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THE MESSAGING: Having a choice when you may feel you don’t

Keeping or terminating a pregnancy is a decision many young women internalize and battle with, often because they feel there are no other options. Veritas Society digital messaging conveys to these women that they do have a choice…they have a voice, they have an option, and they have support. Our messaging shows women the moves and steps they can take to carry on a healthy pregnancy.

Veritas Society Digital Technology

THE STRATEGY: Location, Location, Location

Utilizing our advanced Veritas Society digital technology, otherwise known as “Polygonning” we identify and capture the cell phone ID’s of women that are coming and going from Planned Parenthood and similar locations. We then  reach these women on apps, social feeds and websites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat with pro-life content and messaging.

This ensures a highly targeted and precise audience of women coming to and from Planned Parenthood and clinic locations.

Look Alike Audience
We will then analyze websites these women have visited and communicate the message to other women who have visited the same or similar sites.

OUR MISSION: To inform pregnant abortion-vulnerable women that there are resources that exist to help them make this important and life-altering decision between abortion and life. To reach these woman, the Veritas Society uses targeted digital technology to run a sweeping national campaign.  The intention is to reach these women when they are deciding or have begun thinking about getting an abortion.


The national campaign identifies every clinic that performs abortions. Each state will be allocated with proper budgeting based on population size and clinic numbers to ensure a campaign with proper saturation and frequency.  Each state campaign will receive the following:

  • A managed Landing Page informing women of closest available resources to them
  • An individually managed Facebook page
  • Engaging and tasteful video creative customized to include targeted ads keyed toward ethnic diversity in each state
  • Tested messaging with real time efficiency evaluations
  • Comprehensive and in-depth analytics and reporting detailing campaign performance on a monthly basis
  • Dedicated campaign managers providing daily optimizations and adjustments to maximize campaign activity and user engagements
Expecting Mom Veritas Society Digital Technology
Veritas Society Digital Success in Wisconsin

OUR SUCCESS: Proven in Wisconsin


Our goal: To reach women who were coming to Planned Parenthood and similar locations in Wisconsin.

How we accomplished it: We captured the cell phone IDs of women who visited all Planned Parenthood locations in Wisconsin along with similar locations and their associated parking areas.

The Veritas Society digital campaign for Wisconsin Right to Life during 2020  served 14.3 million ad impressions across mobile devices captured at these addresses and then served ads to those devices across the women’s social pages, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. This led to 48,300 visits to our website. Of those 48,300 visitors, 11,463 returned for a second visit to obtain additional pro-life messages and information on where to go for pregnancy assistance.

Wisconsin Right To Life Performance Summary

Wisconsin Right To Life Performance Summary

Social Performance Highlights

  • Precise Gender and Age Targeting
  • 24,110 Link Click Engagements
  • 1,684 Engagements and Reactions
  • .34 CTR
Wisconsin Performance Summary 2